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I can help? Cool!

Do you use SQL Explorer? Want to contribute something back to the project? If you want to help out, just post a message in the forum.
This project needs:

Java Developers

Ecplise SQL Explorer 3.0.0. has come a long way since the initial 2.2.4 version, but there are still plenty of things that can be improved and a lot more database specific features that can be added. Don't have a lot of experience programming in eclipse? Don't worry, we'll help you along. Here's your chance to finally do something about your eclipse knowledge!

Database Experts

Ok, maybe not experts, but if you know how to get information out of a database that could help us add new features that would be great!
For example, if you know what SQL statement to use to get to the DDL of a DB2 procedure, let us know and we can incorporate that feature into SQL Explorer.


Eclipse SQL Explorer still doesn't have a good help file. It's about time to fix this.

Financial Sponsors

Do you use SQL Explorer a lot? Like it? Got a dollar to spare? You can donate it here.